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Our professional line with black and silver finishes and improved functionality. If you want the best, this is the collection for you. We are currently offering the 8 button mouse, with the companion pieces in development.

Tyr, the Norse God of War, Law, and Justice. Mythical Viking legends tell of Norse warriors evoking Tyr to empower them to destroy their enemies and bring justice and victory to the land. It is not uncommon to miss that law and justice is not just a court room or a list of rules to live by but it becomes a battle of the mind and will that allows a person to prevail. This is also shown in the ability of a war to be decided not only by the full army but by a law which allows the outcome to be determined by two champions stepping forward to do individual battle. Gaming may be a virtual battle on the screen, but it is always a battle of mind and will.

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  • 8 Button 10,000 DPI Gaming Mouse
    8 Button 10,000 DPI Gaming Mouse
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